Wall Art Quality Guide

As our canvas prints are bespoke hand made items the end result can vary and it takes years of practice to perfect and produce top quality canvas wall art every time. Printing on canvas presents it's own problems as properties can vary widely from different suppliers. We ensure our canvas has a clear white surface as this will not alter any of the colours being printed and offers the clearest results for quality wall art.

The standard material to frame canvas wall art is kiln dried wood as it is light, and should not contract or warp due to the fact all the dampness has previously been taken out of the wood. This provides the most stable frame option without being too heavy or awkward to hang.

The most important point of the process is colour control, which includes the setting up of printers and computer monitors. We take great take to ensure your wall art matches the image on the website perfectly.

Nuclear Canvas Art Print

This can only be accomplished with high-end equipment like a Spectrophotometer. Using advanced tools like this enables us to monitor every area of the colour spectrum then calibrate production accordingly.

Our canvas wall art is printed using inkjet technology to ensure a crisp, even finish. Other manufacturers use dye-sublimation and solvent methods, which usually offer less-vivid color and durability. Nonetheless, finished canvas prints are only as good as the image they are produced from.

Generally, a picture quality of around three hundred dots per inch printed on a high grade canvas will produce high quality wall art. Canvas Art Print use up-to-the-minute UV pigments, resulting in added lightfastness in addition to permanence over dye-based inks. Ultra violet colours contain light stabilizers so that under suitable conditions they can keep prints looking pristine for a lifetime.

We are confident that you'll love our canvas wall art, please contact us if you have any problems with your print.

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