How To Choose Wall Art

Choosing the perfect piece of canvas art to go in your home can be a difficult process. You may want to compliment your existing decor or add a focal point to a room with a bright splash of colour.

Very often budget will determine which piece you go for - genuine artwork can run to thousands, and while we'd all like to have an original Banksy or Warhol on our walls it's just not possible. Canvas prints provide the perfect medium for those on a budget - affordable yet attractive - and they offer a quality alternative to the original artwork.

Once you have set a budget in place for your wall art you should begin to look at the colours already in your home and decide if you're going to find something to compliment or contrast. Bright, vibrant colours like scarlet can make a real statement in a neutral room but would clash with colourful furniture.

With the advent of the internet there's no need to go traipsing round art galleries, looking at wall art and trying to find prints. Online stores like Canvas Art Print have thousands of images available for you to browse at your leisure.

Just Balance Canvas Print

Before you buy keep in mind the proportions of the space you are decorating. Too small a print and it'll look lost and lack impact, too large and it will dominate the room. The industry standard is still to give sizes in inches but make sure to double-check this before you buy - one inch is 2.5 centimetres!

So the key steps are simple -

  • Decide what you want from your wall art
  • Set a budget
  • Browse online to find the best choice
  • Select the right size for your space

There are no rules to buying wall art for the home - whatever your tastes may be you should feel free to indulge it. You can find almost anything you can think of online, the only limitation is your imagination.

Good luck and happy art hunting!

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