The Digital Era And Canvas Art

Gone are the days of sitting in the darkroom carefully printing your pictures, hoping no light gets in. The digital era is upon us and it's changing the way we shoot and print photos. Now days you're never far from someone taking a picture be it with a digital camera or a mobile phone, you can see how huge the industry has got in such little time. 

Digital cameras were not available to the public until 1990 but since then the market has boomed. The first digital camera to be sold to consumers was the Dycam Model 1 also known as the Logitech FotoMan, it had a 376x284 resolution and only produced black/white photos and cost a staggering £499 but it was the first one on the market.

Since the 1990's the technology and quality of cameras has improved at a seemingly fast rate, from the 90,000 pixels of the Logitech FotoMan to several millions pixels of the standard digital camera or mobile phone today. With the sucess of the digital camera the prices have dropped and you can pick up a low mega pixel camera that still prodcues great photos for under £100. 

Digital cameras are now rivaling the quality of film cameras but neither are good or bad. They are more convienant and can be used by anyone, most of them offer auto settings so you can point and shoot. If you want more control over the picture and seemingly better quality you would go for film. 

Film cameras are more for the expert photographer, it's very hard to producde a great looking film print from negatives than to shoot a great picture using a high quality digital camera. There is no right choice but film cameras will still be around for years to come and it's not the the technique that's changing it's the technology.


With the digital camera market booming it was only time till mobile phones had cameras. The first mobile phone camera was introduced in 1997 but wasn't on sale till 2001. Mobile phone cameras are catching up with the standard digital camera in terms of megapixels and functionality. 

A major selling point is the fact you can share photos via text, internet or other forms within a few moments of taking the picture. Cameraphones have become so popular that you see pictures or video taken on cameraphones used in TV programs, online or in magazines. It's only time till the cameraphone starts competing with the more powerful digital cameras on the market.

Digital photography has also spawned the rise of home printing, theres no need for darkrooms or chemicals its as simple as plugging a memory card into a computer and clicking print. Digital printing is a lot less time consuming and more cost effective than its print counter part. 

Many companies offer digital printing in many different forms, be it as a photobook, calendar, mug, greeting cards or even canvas prints, you can get your images printed on near enough anything.

A very popular form of printing is canvas printing, these prints are usually placed onto a frame and make a great gift. Canvas art print offer a great quality photo to canvas service.

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